University of Pennsylvania 

Penn's Women Center

Provides confidential crisis counseling, advocacy, resources, and educational programming to survivors and concerned individuals working with victims/ survivors of interpersonal violence. 

3643 Locust Walk                          (215) 898 - 8611


Special Services Unit in the Division of Public Safety

Highly trained personnel are available to offer immediate assistance to the investigation of sensitive crimes and incidents such as rape, sexual assault, relationship or domestic violence, and harassment and stalking. Assistance includes crisis intervention, accompaniment to legal and medical proceedings, options counseling and advocacy, and linkages to other University and community resources as well as city, state and federal resources.

4040 Chestnut Street                        24 Hour Helpline: (215) 898 - 8611


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Offers long term individual and group counseling, therapy, psychological testing, and medication reviews. Consists of the Sexual Trauma Treatment Outreach and Preventions (STTOP) Team as well as an Empowerment Group for Survivors. 

3624 Market Street, First Floor           After hours emergency #: (215) 349 - 5490


Sexual Violence Investigative Officer (SVIO)

Responsible for managing and investigating complaints against Penn faculty and enrolled Penn students alleging violations of the University's Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence, and Stalking policy.

3901 Walnut Street, Suite 320                         (215) 898 - 2887, (215) 898-2887


Student Health Services (SHS) 

Provides medical care for Penn students. Services include contraception counseling (includes emergency contraception), women’s health, men’s health, and STI/Rapid HIV testing. It DOES NOT provide rape examinations. Can offer options and referrals to services not provided in the office. 

3535 Market Street, Suite 100                         (215) 746 - 3535



Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) 

Provides crisis counseling, court and hospital accompaniments, as well as long term counseling and support groups for victims/survivors of sexual assault. 

1617 John F Kennedy Blvd Suite 1100           24 Hour Hotline: (215) 985 - 3333


Women Against Abuse

24-Hour crisis response, shelter access, counseling services, and educational programming

24 Hour Hotline: (215) 723 - 3014


Women's Law Project

Provides legal services to those affected by sexual violence and advocates for reform and collaboration from the police departments, insurance companies, and welfare programs.

(215) 928 - 9801


Menergy, Men's Resource Center

Counseling and re-education program for people who are physically or emotionally abusive to their partners. 

(215) 242 - 2235


Philadelphia Sexual Assault Resource Center

Provides rape examinations and forensic evidence collection. 

(215) 685 - 3251


Mazzoni Health Center

Provides medical care, counseling, and case management services to the LGBTQ community. 

1 - 866 - LGBT - LAW (1 - 866 - 542 - 8529)