In our 17th year, the V-Day University of Pennsylvania College Campaign is one of the largest and most successful social justice movements on campus. V-Day UPenn has become the catalyst for mobilizing both women and men to heighten awareness of violence against women of all ages, as well as the force that empowers individuals and the public-at-large to bring that violence to an end. Each year, a diverse community of warriors help spread the message to thousands more throughout the greater Penn community.

Our production of The Vagina Monologues has proved to be a powerful tool that further communicates our mission to over 4,000 students, alumni, faculty, staff, and residents annually. Over the past seven years, V-Day UPenn has raised over $290,000 for our beneficiary, Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR), the only full-service rape crisis center in Philadelphia. Through extensive panel discussions, workshops, local events, and educational marketing campaigns launched on campus and online, V-Day UPenn strives to motivate Penn students, faculty and staff to find their collective voice and demand an end to the violence that affects one in three women around the world, and one in four on college campuses.



Founded in Philadelphia in 1973, Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) is a vital non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate all forms of sexual violence through specialized treatment services, comprehensive prevention education programs, and advocacy for the rights of victims of sexual assault. For almost thirty years, WOAR has worked together with law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and the judicial system to serve the needs of survivors of sexual violence. Those partnerships have resulted in the establishment of the Rape Prosecution Unit of the District Attorney's Office, the creation of a separate waiting room for survivors testifying in Family Court, continued training of Emergency Room personnel regarding sensitive evidence collection, and training of all police academy recruits in appropriately responding to crimes of sexual violence.

WOAR's professional staff and committed volunteers provide wide-ranging sexual assault counseling and advocacy services, as well as community and professional training. Those services benefit women, men, and children from all walks of life. WOAR is committed and at-the-ready 24-hours a day to respond to the needs of survivors, to advocate on their behalf, and to provide life-saving information to the entire community.

Educational programs are available to corporations, community organizations, schools, and other service providers.

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V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls that raises funds and awareness through benefit productions of Playwright/Founder Eve Ensler’s award winning play The Vagina Monologues and other artistic works.

The V-Day movement has raised over $100 million; educated millions about the issue of violence against women and the efforts to end it; crafted international educational, media and PSA campaigns; reopened shelters; and funded over 13,000 community-based anti-violence programs and safe houses in Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya, South Dakota, Egypt, and Iraq. V-Day’s most recent global campaign, ONE BILLION RISING, galvanized over one billion women and men on a global day of action towards ending violence against women and girls. 

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